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NEW - TWOinONE Flexy-Glasses

by Clare Bridson 01 Aug 2023

The Future in Recyclable and Biodegradable Glassware

We are delighted to introduce to our website range, the revolutionary TWOinONE Flexy-Glasses. A must have glass for this years outdoor parties, events, weddings and festivals.

These tumblers are made from material that can either be collected and recycled or if for some reason they become part of the fugitive plastic waste stream, which is approximately 32% of all plastics (thats about 2 billion tonnes) they will biodegrade in less than a year, without any micro plastic being present.

They are made from a new material which enables single use polypropylene to break down into a wax like structure returning the material to nature.

These products are also a cheaper alternative to PLA plastic coming in at less than 10p a cup, unlike PLA plastic if this products ends up in landfill it will degrade.


The Benefits:

  • 100% Recyclable
  • PRE / RecyClass Compliant
  • FULLY Biodegradable
  • New BSI 
  • UK Made
  • Low carbon footprint
  • Breaks down if accidentally disposed of on land in an open environment, without causing effect to land
  • No microplastic or toxins
  • Fully biodegrade within 1 year of its service life
  • Printable
  • Ideal for outdoor events and large venues



- Can the tumblers be recycled?

The product is fully compatible with the recycling loop of conventional PP and does not affect the properties and performance of the produced recycled product.

- What is the expected products total storage life?

Approx. 2 years under normal storage conditions.

- Can the product only start to biodegrade once removed from the box?

Yes, but there are many variables. It will start to degrade once outside of the box, if exposed to light, air, moisture and microbes.

- What is the raw material

High quality food-grade polypropylene.

- Is the technology the same as oxo-biodegradable

Absolutely Not. Unlike Oxo-degradable, Biotransformation builds on the synergetic action of UV, air, heat, moisture and microbes to chemically transform the product into bioavailable oligomeric residue. The process is microplastic-free and does not leave any harmful substances behind.

- How does this compare to PLA cups?

Unlike PLA, which requires Industrial Composting, no special facilities are required for this product to biodegrade. Further more our TwoinOne Flexy-Glass can be recycled.


These glasses can help make a huge difference to the amount of plastic we throw away every year. 


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