About Us

We are committed to providing sustainable packaging for your business. Our team of experts is on hand to find you sustainable packaging at an affordable price. Check out our website our contact us direct for bespoke packaging solution.

About Us

Tiki packaging has been formed by the team behind Lothian Supply Company and Tiki Packaging, we have over 20 years expertise in supplying a variety of products to the hospitality, event and food to go markets.

Our packaging is used at some of the biggest events in the UK and our large distribution hub in Livingston holds over 5000 different lines of stock ready for immediate dispatch.

Our bespoke design service provided over 500,000 branded and unique die cut boxes in 2020 to establishments in the UK and NI, we can print large numbers and organise storage and distribution for clients in the UK and Europe.


We have a commitment to providing sustainable packaging One of our goals is to reduce tree-based paper and fossil fuel-based plastic used in the foodservice industry by offering as many eco-friendly alternatives as possible, our bagasse range is made from sugarcane pulp and we offer many PLA alternatives to plastic, we supplied over 1 million PLA compostable glasses to Edinburgh festival venues in 2019 and also have an emphasis on promoting recycled products.

This was further cemented through our work with I Used To Be Rubbish supplier of 100% recycled products, including refuse sacks, cup carriers and more. As part of our commitment, we can also supply advise around your products and their removal, focused on the most environmentally suitable option.

We also have a commitment to sourcing locally and the circular economy helping to reduce the carbon footprint and will buy in the UK wherever possible. Our partnerships with known brands like Vegware can offer collection and disposable of compostable products we supply.

Postage & Packaging

As part of our commitment to helping the environment we are trying as business to recycle and reuse as much cardboard and packaging as possible, please do not be offended if your item arrives in a box which has already been sent into us, we are doing this to reduce waste and pass savings on buy not purchasing as many boxes in our prices.

For more info or to chat with one of our fabulous team, contact us 01506 871 720 / info@tikipackaging.com