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Bulk Buy Options from Tiki Packaging

by Clare Bridson 25 Apr 2023

Did you know we now offer bulk buy options on some of our best selling items? 
Our Cardboard pizza discs, wave flute pizza liners and 12” pizza boxes are all now available in pallets offering you the best prices AND with FREE delivery.

Choose from:

12" Kraft Pizza Boxes 100pk - Pallet - 36 X 100pk Recyclable

Kraft 12 inch pizza box from tiki packaging

These high quality pizza boxes perfect for trattorias, pizzerias and take-out restaurants. They feature essential ventilation holes to prevent condensation that would otherwise damage your pizzas. The cardboard is sturdy and rigid, allowing the boxes to be stacked easily. They fully recyclable and environmentally friendly.

12" Cardboard Pizza Disc 250pk - Pallet - 16 X 250pk

tiki packaging 12 inch pizza liner

Perfect for trattorias, pizzerias and take-out restaurants, these thick cardboard discs keep your pizzas piping hot until they reach your customers plus, the natural fibres used to make them mean they are fully recyclable and environmentally friendly.

Waveflute Pizza Liner 12" 500pk - Pallet - 75 X 500pk

tiki Packaging pizza liner

These popular pizza box liners keep your customers pizzas fresher for longer. The special corrugated wave design allows air to circulate under the base preventing it from becoming soggy or greasy.

Bagasse Clamshell Large 9" X 6" 250pk - Pallet - 56 X 250pk

Disposable, compostable and biodegradable, these food containers are manufactured from 100% sugarcane fibre and are suitable for hot, wet and oily foods. 

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