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by Clare Bridson 28 Mar 2023

This month marks the 53rd anniversary of Earth day, and there’s never been a more important time to do your bit for the plant.

A good place to start is to switch your takeaway packaging to a more environmentally friendly option so why not check out our range of compostable products. 

Vegware Compostable CE-Marked PLA Pint Cup
960 pack - £133.74
As we head into spring, ensure you’re prepped to serve out all your refreshing beverages and snacks in eco friendly Vegware compostable glasses. 


Compostable Kraft Fish and Chip Box
150 pack £42
Constructed from biodegradable Kraft board, our Kraft boxes are perfect for the environmentally conscious caterer. Perfect for serving both hot and cold food. Typically used for serving fish and chips.

kraft fish and chips box


Compostable Double Walled Cups
500 pack £39.99
These cups are completely compostable, lined with plant-based Polylactic Acid (PLA). All packaging in the Edenware® brand is recycled and recyclable.

compostable double walled cups



Bagasse Clamshell Large 9x6”
250 pack £31.99
Containers are Disposable, Compostable and Biodegradable, manufactured from 100% sugarcane fibre. Suitable for hot, wet and oily foods

Bagasse Clamshell Large 9x6”



Kraft Burger Tray 5”
500 pack £51
The natural look of this open Kraft tray can really set off street food. The boxes are formed from sturdy, recycled board that can be used with either hot or cold foods.

Kraft Burger Tray 5”



BePulp 3 Compartment Square Tray
300 pack £79
Perfect for hot street food and salads, offering your customers eco friendly packaging and significantly reducing the carbon footprint of your food business. 

BePulp 3 Compartment Square Tray



Eco Oval Street Food Bowl 620ml
300 pack £49.90
The bowls are made from bagasse - which is a durable, practical and efficient storage and transport solution food on the go. Capable of withstanding temperatures of between -10°c and 120°c 

Eco Oval Street Food Bowl 620ml


White Compostable Soup Container 8oz
1000 pack £77.27
Made from sustainably-sourced paper board, these soup cartons are compostable, leakproof and feature a grease resistant lining. Ideal for any establishment providing a food take-away service.


White Compostable Soup Container 8oz

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